AirMMax Transparent Air Hose


AirMMax Transparent Air Hose

Transparent Air Hose Size Table

AirMMax has three size of air hose: 12*18mm, 16*20mm and 9*14mm.

ModelInner Diameter (mm)Outer Diameter (mm)Package (m/roll)
12*18 mm1218100
16*20 mm1620100
9*14 mm914100

Size Description

AirMMax 12*18 air hose is hose with size Inner Diameter (I.D) of 12mm and Outer Diameter (O.D) of 18mm.


Transparent Air Hose Work Principal

AirMMax transparent air hose is a kind of connecting hose which is used to connect aerotube and connector.


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AirMMax Spare Parts

AirMMax spare parts is designed to match AirMMax manufactured AeroTube, roots blower and turbo blower aerator, its simple structure make AirMMax AeroTube easily assembly and disassembly and better aeration performance, AirMMax spare parts  will save your time for shrimp farming aeration system together with AirMMax Roots Blower Aerator and Turbo Blower Aerator.

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