AirMMax Turbo Blower Aerator


AirMMax Turbo Blower Aerator

AirMMax turbo blower aerator is high speed centrifugal blower aerator, and turbo blower aerator is perfectly matched to aerotube and aeration hose for fine bubble bottom aeration system and has been used in aquaculture especially for high density shrimp farming and fish farming.

AirMMax Turbo Blower Aerator Core Technology 

High Efficient Impeller

AirMMax turbo blower aerator adopt forged aluminium alloy material and machined by five axis CNC machine, which ensure impeller higher rotation speed and higher efficiency.


High Efficient VFD

AirMMax turbo blower aerator is controlled by high efficiency VFD with working frequency range 0-2000Hz to adjust air flow and pressure.



Permanent-magnet Synchronous Motor

AirMMax turbo blower aerator is high efficient  permanent magnet synchronous motor rotating maximum at 100.000rpm with efficiency reach 98%.


Touch Screen Control Panel

AirMMax turbo blower aerator is equipped with touch screen, which is easy to operate.


Mobile Phone Remote Control

AirMMax turbo blower aerator can be monitored and operated by mobile phone wherever you are.



Turbo Blower Aerator Size Table

AirMMax turbo blower aerator size table 

Pressure KPAAir Flow M3/MIN
105.2 10.5 12 22 29 42 56 79 103 120 130 
154.5 9.6 11 21 28 38 53 75 99 110 122 
203.8 8.2 10 18 26 36 49 71 95 106 118 
253.2 6.8 14 21 29 41 58 71 95 105 
302.8 5.8 12 19 26 38 48 65 83 95 
402.5 15 17 26 36 45 54 65 
50//10 14 24 33 40 48 59 
60//4.5 12 21 28 35 42 53 
70//19 25 31 39 46 
80//18 22 28 33 41 

Turbo Blower Aerator Advantages:

High Efficient and Energy Saving

AirMMax turbo blower aerator save 50% more electricity bill than traditional roots blower. 

Easy Installation

AirMMax turbo blower aerator is highly integrated, low weight and easy to move, user only need to connect power cable.

Plug and Play

AirMMax turbo blower aerator is operated by  spin  button to adjust frequecy and reach required air flow and pressure.

Easy Maintenance

AirMMax turbo blower aerator is no lubricant oil type design, which keep away from the troubles brought by luricant oil in traditional aerator.


Turbo Blower Aeration System

AirMMax is professional manufacturer of roots blower, turbo blower aerator and aerotube, and has developed into an aquaculture solution provider together by supplying aeration hose and connector in aeration system design and installation.



Turbo Blower Site Installation

AirMMax Giant-Aerotube work as the frame for aerotube, which is an easy way to install aerotube in your shrimp pond.



AirMMax Spare Parts

AirMMax spare parts is designed to match AirMMax manufactured AeroTube, roots blower and turbo blower aerator, its simple structure make AirMMax AeroTube easily assembly and disassembly and better aeration performance, AirMMax spare parts  will save your time for shrimp farming aeration system together with AirMMax Roots Blower Aerator and Turbo Blower Aerator.

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